Hyundai 26cc 4-Stroke Petrol Hedge Trimmer | HY4HT26

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Powerful 4-Stroke Engine
The HY4HT26 is an ergonomic and powerful petrol 26cc hedge trimmer, designed for ease of use and economy.

525mm Reciprocating Blade
It's equipped with a 585mm (23”) double reciprocating cutting blade which has an effective cutting length of 510mm (20”).

Comfortable Use
Special handle isolation mountings lowers the vibration that is sent to the operator’s hands/arms for a comfortable cutting experience the perfect solution for overgrown gardens.

Precise Cut
The handle is rotatable through 180 degrees left to right to suit the cutting direction and achieve a more precise cut.

Ultra Lightweight
An ergonomic design, weighing just 4.9kg, enables the user to comfortably use this hedge trimmer for extended periods.

User Friendly
It's powered by a 26cc 4-stroke Hyundai petrol engine offering good mid range torque and increased fuel efficiency and no need to mix 2-stroke oil and petrol.

Easy Starting
The HY4TR26 easy start engine uses a CDI ignition system, which means you’ll never have to wrestle to get it started with its high power to weight ratio it is ideal for all hedge cutting jobs around the home.

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