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Hytrol XtraStrength Weedkiller 1L

  • €21,95

  • Hytrol Xtra Strength Weedkiller is an extra strong weedkiller that kills weeds right down to the root.
  • It contains Glyphosate 162g/l, this is considerably stronger than most other products on the amateur gardening market.  Hytrol Xtrastrength will kill most common weeds including annual and perennial broadleaf, grass weeds and some woody weeds.  Using the measuring cap provided, mix 10ml product with 1L water in a hand held sprayer, this will cover 7.5m2.  Use on a dry day from Spring to Autumn
  • Also available in 500ml container.
  • Do not use on a windy day as spray will drift and would kill lawns and other plants. 
  • Use on overgrown areas, paths, patios, driveways, basically anywhere you want to kill everything that is growing in that area.   

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