Greenforce Lawn Weedkiller 1L - Nioclas O Conchubhair

Greenforce Lawn Weedkiller 1L

  • €19,95

  • Greenforce Lawn Weedkiller kills the weeds but does not kill the grass.
  • This powerful lawn weedkiller controls most kills common weeds that are normally found in the lawn including clover.  Using the measure cap provided mix 50ml with 2.5L water in a sprayer (5L water if using a watering can).  This will treat 25m2.  Apply to lawn with even coverage.  Use from Spring to Autumn when weeds are actively growing.  Avoid drift by spraying on a calm day when rain is not forecast for 6 hours. Do not use on new lawns and two applications per year maximum on established lawns.
  • Contains: Mecoprop-P 37.5g/l (3.67% w/w) + Dicamba 4.67g/l(0.467% w/w) as the Potassium Salt as a soluble concentrate.

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