Greenforce Lawn Weed & Feed 1L - Nioclas O Conchubhair

Greenforce Lawn Weed & Feed 1L

  • €23,95

  • Greenforce Lawn Weed & Feed, an all in one liquid, kills the weeds in the lawn while feeding the grass.
  • This new product will help create a lush green weed free lawn in no time.  Using the measuring cap provided, mix 50ml of product with 2.5L water in a sprayer (or 5L water if using a watering can) and apply to the lawn with even coverage. 
  • Use on a calm dry day from April to September when the soil is moist for best results.
  • Contains: Nitrogen N total 4.6%, Ureic Nitrogen 4.6%. Contains Mecoprop-P and Dicamba as herbicides.
  • Available in 1L Concentrate

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